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Click here to read this page in French Click here to read this page in Finnish Click here to read this page in Portuguese Click here to read this page in German Click here to read this page in Chinese Click here to download a PDF of this page The following is a detailed summary of our tentative, current understanding of the core issues related to the presence of the visitors, and the possible earth changes that may be ahead of us.

What is possible, however, is to minimize the effects of the solar event. And like all such mental or spiritual gymnastics, this has to be real: Michael St Clair30 says simply: One of the most common feedback situations is shown in the diagram below - a microphone feeds a signal into a sound system, which then amplifies and outputs the signal from a speaker, which is picked up again by the microphone.

Mechanical resonance

Deacon and Burisch state that this apparently exact date is not a precise prediction and that the solar events in question could occur at almost any time in the window — Researchers who have looked into the claims of the infamous TV program Alternative 3 24 conclude in the main that the show was a hoax.

This is far from an exclusive list, and may include some of the major organized religions. Much of this information is also elsewhere on this site in interview form or on the Henry Deacon pages and elsewhere, but the summary below may be a useful synopsis for the purposes of discussion.

See our interviews page and also Dan Burisch's website. Does it recur when remembering or telling others about it. Click here to read David Wilcock's and Richard Hoagland's comprehensive and detailed research into 'climate change' affecting every planet in our solar system. According to Burisch, some future humans are benevolent, while others are actually seeking to ensure that history is not changed; see note 23 below.


Reported numbers vary, but the respected witness Sgt. See our interviews page for more on Michael St Clair, a well-known visionary and astrologer who predicts major problems in the coming few years and who advocates prudently identifying safe places to live.

Deacon reports that the small organization within NOAA has known about the "second sun" for a decade or possibly much longer, but has never made any public reference to it.

One Board at a Time

Sherman's story is told in his excellent e-book, Above Black. In this case, the resonant modes are guided modes of a waveguide or surface plasmon modes of a dielectric-metallic interface.

The classic example of this is breaking a wine glass with sound at the precise resonant frequency of the glass, although this is difficult in practice.

Anger turned to war, vulnerability to defense and then offense, and people moved further and further away from each other.

I live near Manhattan, have worked in the twin towers, and have family and friends who were there that fateful day. Some of them are on a galactic scale12, and are associated with natural, periodic events which the Earth has suffered through a number of times previously.

In its strong Much has been written in speculation about the reasons why the Mayans saw no need to extend their calendar beyond that date. A faulty bridge can even be destroyed by its resonance see Broughton Suspension Bridge and Angers Bridge. And I want to invite others to come forward with their knowledge, their stories, and their willingness to participate in new ways of living and working together.

Simply put, Sheldrake argues that species create Morphic Fields — templates based on accumulated experience that have an an effect on the behaviors, attitudes and abilities of subsequent members of the same species — which influence others encountering the same situations at the same or a later time.

Of course, there are many situations which result in feedback. I began my research in September ofconcurrent with the September 11th events in New York City. The catastrophic vibrations that destroyed the bridge were due to an oscillation caused by interactions between the bridge and the winds passing through its structure—a phenomenon known as aeroelastic flutter.

To align with other researchers7, we'll refer to this as the Dark Star.

A Real Path To A Cure

I had gotten approval from my dissertation committee to embark on the research which involved interviewing people who had experienced Collective Resonance and agreed to answer my questions about it - those similar to the ones above.

It's accepted by scientists that one of the possible effects from a sufficiently major solar 'spike' is that on Earth all electronic communications might be rendered unusable for some time.

How to Eliminate Feedback

What Can Be Done. Underground Bases, Project Preserve Destiny, and the Martian Colony Readers may by now have made the connection with the trillions of dollars17 spent in recent decades by various military agencies on underground bases in a number of different countries Examples are the 1: The Report from Iron Mountainamong other documents in the public domain, references the organized and orchestrated requirement for war in order to maintain macro-scale economic and social stability.

The Resonance Academy A Quantum Leap in Unifying Science. The Resonance Academy offers a new kind of learning experience that enables you to explore the science behind the Connected Worldview.

Martinos Center researchers were instrumental in the development of functional magnetic resonance imaging. Explore the early days of fMRI, the environment that made the advances possible and the applications that benefited from this innovative new technology.

Mechanical resonance is the tendency of a mechanical system to respond at greater amplitude when the frequency of its oscillations matches the system's natural frequency of vibration (its resonance frequency or resonant frequency) than it does at other may cause violent swaying motions and even catastrophic failure in improperly constructed structures including bridges.

The Global Consciousness Project, home page, scientific research network studying global consciousness. Preserving the past One Board at a Time. At Keystone Vintage Lumber, we take pride in reclaiming the best vintage wood from a variety of sources and making it available for virtually any application.

Resonance Health is an Australian healthcare company specialising in the development and delivery of non-invasive medical imaging software and services.

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