Stretching watercolor paper

Position dry paper on mounting board. Using traditional gummed paper strip, tape down the edges and leave the board to dry flat. About the Author This article was written by a professional writer, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

The wet watercolor paper will buckle when it is first placed on the drawing board.

Technique: How to Stretch a Paper

Also a good thing Judy mentioned paper tape as I have forgotten to elaborate on that. For the same reason, I very much welcome viewer comments and experiences because their advices not only add more knowledge but most often prove very beneficial to our pockets as well.

Watercolour Paper

General Supplies Water bucket, clean flat sponge, utility sponge, spray bottle, paper towels, scissors or mat knife. Philip Markham always stretches his paper and makes these points: Best also to get rid of the giant staplers you try to make do with the office kind where you crack it open degrees and get yourself a gun tacker you don't need the industrial kind to lessen the likelihood of damaging the board.

Repeat step 2 with left, right and bottom edges. It comes in white and also in a light brown color for those who do not like the glare of white seen from the sides when they work on their painting.

Wendy advises soaking for 15 minutes. Please visit my website www. Remove paper from the drawing board using a razor or palette knife. They may ruin your painting.

Soak your paper, position it on your board and blot the excess water from paper surface and edges. I wet the tape, lay it down and again mop off any excess water.

Can I use regular adhesive tape to stretch watercolour paper?

Watercolor paper in prepared blocks will dry flat also, if left on the block to dry. For those still not familiar with gator boards, a Gator Board or equivalent is a lightweight, sturdy foam core board with hard eggshell-like surfaces on either side used for stretching watercolor paper.

The importance of stretching Water Colour paper

It might be advisable to use alternate sides to straighten your boards back to flatness again. I soak it for 5 minutes or so in a tub of water - let it dry until the sheen is just gone, then tape it to my piece of particle board.

Oil will not affect the sturdiness of this board but it may transfer to any paper that you stretch on it. The holes are self-contained and will not radiate cracks unless you really have a heavy hand.

Watercolor Lessons

Jun 14,  · I used to stretch my watercolor paper, and that i consistently used paper packing tape. I simply bought the form that you just moist earlier than applying. It really works due to the fact you're going to be soaking the paper, so that you want a tape that sticks when Resolved.

Quick Overview Gatorfoam Board has an exceptionally rigid surface quality and is very durable. Gatorboard is lightweight, durable and great for stretching watercolor paper. This is a more affordable way to preserve the smoothness of the paper than the heavy watercolor paper, and it is much easier and reliable than stretching the paper in the way mentioned above.

Much of my work is done on watercolor blocks. Masonite is a hardboard made of compressed wood fibers. Artists use it as a backing board or for taping and stretching watercolor paper.

If sanded, a moderate mechanical bond. pound watercolor paper is probably the strongest, heaviest paper you will ever need. This weight of paper is like card stock and needs no stretching.

This weight of paper is like card stock and needs no stretching. For stretching the watercolor paper, the most common are craft tape and masking tape.

I've used both, but I prefer masking tape because it's easier and faster to use than craft tape. This is a video on how to stretch your paper with masking tape.

Stretching watercolor paper
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